Family and Vistors

Initiated through Our Critical Care Family Assistance Program (CCFAP), this website provides orientation to family members and visitors of critically ill patients. In our quest to provide Patient and Family Centered Care it is important for you to be educated and informed about the critical care environment. By working in collaboration with our families/visitors we hope to minimize the stress during this difficult time. This site consists of specific education, resources, and contact information that you will need during your critical care experience. A Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) service representative (identified by their red coat) available to provide information regarding use of this website, visiting hours, important locations and other helpful information.

*A computer kiosk is available in each of the critical care waiting areas for family and visitor use.

The Critical Care Division at Memorial Health

The Critical Care Division at Memorial Health provides specialized care for critically ill or injured adult patients. Our specialized critical care units are Cardiac and Vascular ICU, Cardiovascular Step-down Unit, Medical ICU, Trauma and Surgery ICU, Medical Surgical Intermediate Care Unit, and Neuroscience ICU and Neurovascular Intermediate Care Unit. The Critical Care team is a dedicated, integrated multi-professional team of experts that is directed by physicians trained and credentialed in critical care medicine or surgery. In addition, our team caring for our intermediate care patients may consist of physician specializing in internal medicine, surgery, or other specialty areas.Our goal is to assess, initiate and adjust treatment to ensure that the best possible care is delivered to the critically ill or injured patient the moment it is needed.

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